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Hey so here is the thing
Lately i realised something that i fact i always deny that i don’t have crush on one of my bestie was wrong …like if u ask me he is playful with everyone but last time when we met and there was one of our other friend too he was very comfortable touching her hair and stuff letting her play with his , even joking about stuff … Though we are close but not that ig or he just never did that with me , i must admit i was jealous like super jealous , and idk what to do now that I think of it i don’t think he have considered me as that great of a friend and my easy going nature always agreeing to him make him feel way to granted he doesn’t care like that ig

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Did he have relationship recently

This thought has been deleted by the thought author
This thought has been deleted by the thought author

Break-up with 5 year relationship


🙂See… If he was interested in you he would have told you or gave you hints earlier… And as far you told that he isn’t that much cozy with you as he is with other close friends means you got a chance here…He isn’t completely friendzoning you… 😊
But… Be careful he doesn’t take you as a recovery tonic required after a break up… He might tend to find her in you rather finding the you… Mostly cases goes on like that and doesn’t progress. So…
Take your steps as you would prefer cz I don’t know how to resolve this case any further… (I never had any relationship earlier 🙂 More than this might affect in opposite way)


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