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Hey, so, as this tag (music) has just been created i wanted to break the ice and try to generate some kind of chat were we can share different songs that had helped us to get through some sh*ty moments and stuff (or we just like them).
So, first, i’d like to say that music is my life, i have always had this sensitivity (also in general) to some specific songs, not necessarily an specific music genre. I could listen to that song and instantly get in the deep mood which provoked in me (sadness, melancholia, euphoria, hope, growth).
I’ve actually already posted this, but here the songs are into categories of the emotions they create.
So to put here some examples (also some lgbtiqa+ themed songs down there).
- Billie Eilish: come out and play----------for those who want to show themselves and their creations (especially art) out there but are to scared to do so
- Ed Sheeran: What Do I Know?
- Jeremy Zucker: scared-------------THIS IS A REALLY GOOD ONE
- Kodaline: Brother----------I got you.
- Kodaline: High Hopes.
- La La Land (Emma Stone): Audition (The Fools Who Dream).
- Linkin Park: Iridescent / One More Light------------don’t lose hope.
- P!nk: Walk Me Home-------------I need a safe place.
- Rise Cast (Spring Awakening musical): I Believe / Scars To Your Beatiful
- Shawn Mendes: A Little Too Much-----------Sometimes it all gets a little too much.
- Shawn Mendes: Life of the Party.
- The Greatest Showman: A Million Dreams------------------(also my profile picture)
- Lorde: Buzzcut Season.
- Conan Gray: Comfort Crowd-------------One for the lonely people (almost everyone)
- Conan Gray: I Know A Place / Sometime-------------To everyone who just wants to go somewhere else.
- Conan Gray: Idle Town / Little League / The Other Side----------Yeah, good melancholia.
- Conan Gray (yes, i love him): The Cut That Always Bleeds-----------For when you’re tired of being the second best of someone.
- dodie: Sick Of Losing Soulmates
- FINNEAS: I Lost A Friend
- All Gracie Abrams songs, especialy: I miss you, I’m sorry
- Jaymes Young: I’ll Be Good.
- Kodaline: All I Want
- Labrinth: Jealous.
- Lauv, Troye Sivan: i’m so tired…
- LÉON: Pink------------i love the acoustic live version.
- Lorde: A World Alone.
- Lorde: Liability.-------------This one always hits hard.
- Lorde: Writer In The Dark.
- Louis Tomlinson: Miss You.
- Michael Schulte: You Let Me Walk Alone------------One for the mourning or in gief.
- My Chemical Romance: Cancer------------Diseases suck (Physical and mental ones).
- Panic! At The Disco: House of Memories.
- Shawn Mendes: Use Somebody.
- The Goo Goo Dolls: Iris------------I don’t want the world to see me, 'cause i don’t think that they’d understand (…)I just want you to know who I am.
- A lot of Twenty One Pilots songs are really deep (more like all of them) but these are the ones that hit harder (and that i really understand):
Air catcher / Before You Start Your Day / Car Radio / Christmas Saves The Year (2020) / Fall Away (Be careful with the volume in this one) / Forest / Friend, Please / Goner / Hometown / Kitchen Sink / Lovely / Migraine / Neon Gravestones / Not Today / Slowtown / The Judge / Truce
- Weathers: I’m Not Ok.
Protest vindictive music:
- Cage The Elephant: Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked.
- Halsey: Drive / New Americana----------for when you have no hope in humanity (but still a little bit).
- Kesha: Here Comes The Change----------Equality hymn
- Lorde: Perfect Places---------------Drugs and depression.
- MCR: Teenagers.
- Imagine Dragons: Dream.
Now, some just LGBTIQA+ themed ones:
- Allie Grace: Ordinary----------------Also touches the ‘not fitting in’ feeling. You don’t have to be ordinary (Or straight).
- Wrabel: The Village-------------- A wonderful one, please LISTEN to it.
- Abbey Glover: I Wish You Liked Girls.
- dodie: She
- Billie Eilish: wish you were gay (not actually gay but you can interpretate it the way you want to)
- Calum Scott: No Matter What.
- Clairo: Sofia.
- Jonathan Groff: All That’s Known-----------LGBTIQA+ themed (more or less) I recommend the musical (Spring Awakening) and the serie inspired by it (Rise).
- girl in red (now, get ready): two queens in a king sized bed / 4am / i need to be alone / forget her. / girls / i wanna be your girlfriend / i’ll die anyway (this is a depressive one) / Say It / midnight love / watch you sleep. / we fell in love in october.
- Hayley Kiyoko: Demonds / Feelings / Girls Like Girls / HNLY / L.O.V.E. Me / Wanna be Missed.
- The Neighbourhood: Sweater Weather----------Also, Conan Gray’s cover is so good. It think if you’re LGBTIQA+ you’ll know why i’ll say this is a bisexual themed song.
- Cavetown: This Is Home-----------This is a song that tackles trans dysphoria problems, anxiety and depression. Even though I’m not trans, it hits hard.
- Lily Allen: Fu** You (Not just lgbtiqa+ but equality themed)
- Rizha: Cute Bitch.
- Sam Smith: HIM
- Taylor Swift: You Need To Calm Down-----------Another queer one (You have to know this one)
- Taylor Louderman: Little Miss Perfect-------------LGBTIQA+ themed (really good musical piece)
- Kesha: Rainbow----------Queer hymn.

Wow that’s a lot. Sorry.
So that is all, a lot. If you want to just listen to some of them it will be great.
I don’t know if anyone’s really gonna see this. If you have some opinion just write it down there.

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Hey. First of all, this list has some great songs. One thing that I share with you is the love for Music. It’s my life too. And I really appreciate the effort you put in to actually write this list. Not many people do that.

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Thanks a lot. Those words really mean more than you’d think.
I wish you a good life.


Hello cool human.

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