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Hey people,

Well, I have been chubby all my life. Not all my life than I got fat. It’s hell difficult to understand for me to why being slim is so damn important. I did not budge any kind of criticism for long time but then life was not happy with me, I got health issues. Starting with PCOD(It’s a vicious cycle and killing me) then if that wasn’t enough suffering from clinical depression for like more than 3 years now. Sab ulta pulta ho gaya :(

I am really looking for people who help me and guide me to the weightloss journey.

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Once my doctor (I visit dermatologist for pimples) said I needed to reduce weight else I would have chances of PCOD. Since I have always been a concerned person for my health, I started exercising and it’s been a regular habit now.

I suggest you to start exercising daily for better results for body as well as PCOD. It is only for your good because no one wants health issues, right? If you eat junk, cut down on that. In a week have it twice (as craving only) and eat good food. Drink water (atleast 2.5Lt). Keep your mind free and happy.
Treat your depression like I visit doctor for my pimples.

I hope you take this advice and it help’s you! :)


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