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Hey people,
Please i am a minor so old people do not reply.
I had a best friend (a 5 years friendship) that decided to stop our friendship and she had a new best friend. I got a new bestfriend 1 year ago (we are still bestfriend) and my ex-bsf is always staying with mine and now she never stay with me, insult me, is rude to me, don’t care if I’m sad. When she get in a problem she says that its my fault and that I was stupid for not defending her. I want to drop her but my crush is her bsf and he will leave me too. The whole class will be her friend because she keep lying to people and they believe her :/
I don’t know what to do please help me :/
They have a group together, each other number and they know EVERYTHING about each others…
And she keep lying about $uicide and that she cut herself and everything. Im seriously trying to show other that she is lying but they still staying with her.

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Hope ur doing great ❤️,
If I were u I would distance myself from such people who don’t value me without getting into any verbal or physical fight. And if ur crush is getting influenced by someone who’s kind of manipulative and rude as you’ve mentioned then confront him on this and if he doesn’t stay , then u need to prioritise people in ur life. And u know what, such people can’t maintain good relations with people on long term , trust me on this. So u can distance urself from her, people do notice that they’re not that important or their presence or absence doesn’t bother them anymore.
Hope this helps❤️

I’m here if u want to ask something


Thank you so much for your reply :)) <33
I am not her friend anymore but my crush hate me now :/
But we can be friends if you want <33
Just how old are you and do u have discord ?
Luv u and thx for the reply <333

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

jay @jay12

Hey we can talk about it


sure but How old are you ? and do u have discord ?

jay @jay12

I’m 21 ya ive


sorry you are too old for me ://

jay @jay12

It’s okay

jay @jay12

No problem stay safe and happy


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