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Hey people!!!
If anyone wants to share their feelings… Please feel free to talk…no judgement and will try to make you feel better …!!


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Hi , how are you?

Hey… I’m good… And I wish the same for you too ✨


Hey! I broke up with my boyfriend after 10yrs. Actually he did it. He said he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. How should I feel about it?

If it wasn’t working then you should feel happy that you are free from a relationship that was not comfortable…
And if he left without telling you the reason or if you didn’t understand the reason he gave then just stop thinking about that… just let it be…being in a relationship for 10 years is long time but not enough to be called as forever… So move on… What’s meant to be will come to you…be patient and work on making yourself happy !!!
Have a great day!!


Thank you so much for your lovely reply! You are right… I’m working on making myself happy right now. He is probably thinking that I’ll run back to him in a few days because that has happened a few times before. But he doesn’t know that won’t happen EVER again. I’m so done with him. I’m just tired of being everything he wanted me to be. I think people need to stop taking love for granted.

Anyway… How are you? Hope you’re doing good. How is life?

I’m glad that I made you feel good… Your happiness means a lot to you and others as well… Keep smiling… Don’t let anonyms thoughts come in your mind… Stick to your decision…
I’m feeling good after reading your reply… Take care… Have a great day!!