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Hey Now&Me Fam👋🏻
We want to build Now&Me for you and give you a better experience. So, we need your help!

We would request you to kindly answer the following questions (even anonymously if you wish to) in the comments below:

🔸What motivated you to join Now&Me?
🔸What do you like to use Now&Me for?
🔸What are your expectations from Now&Me?

Insights, feedback, criticism and opinions are all welcome!🧡

Thank you so much!🌍

Post anonymously?

Needed someone to talk too!
Responding to others same issues.
To speak with someone who has my same struggles.


same problem for me

We hope that your experience has been good on Now&Me. Thank you so much for your feedback🧡


I was feeling so heart broken and I suddenly googled if there is any website to share my feelings without being judged and feel emotionally connected to other people.
I mostly use Now&Me to share what I am going through and try to listen to others feelings and heart breaks too.
Now&Me is already a wholesome platform to share each others feelings that we cannot say otherwise to anyone. Right now, I am sorry I don’t know what my expectations are from Now&Me. But I hope whatever improvements may come, they will be well regarded.
Thank you.

Hello, thank you so much for your feedback and kind words about Now&Me🧡 You describing it as a ‘wholesome platform’ really means a lot to us! Glad to have you here as a part of our family🌻


I joined Now &Me 2 days back. To express our deep thoughts and find people are actually making time to sit and read the paragraphs and trying to correlate themselves is relieving. The loneliness we all might feel during this pandemic made me find this fam.

Thank you so much for your feedback @tobediscovered🧡 We are so glad that we could be there for you during these tough times.


1. Boredom
2. Give people advice about similar things I went through
3. To be a friendly platform to discuss different topics and maybe get advice for problems

But I would like this to have an app. It looks like a nice platform and it might gain popularity from it since how popular apps are these days


I’m an introvert and I can’t really open up with my families or friends…even if I do they just try to show me this is reality you have to face it and stuff…but what I really want is not an advice I just want someone to listen and understand and tell me that it’s ok to feel this way


Same :/


So we’re on the same page…


First congrats @Bani& Drishti for your hard work n passion which resulted in this site. When people are worried for their own jobs how you have taken away the worries from so many lives is truly inspiring.
Its so easy suggest/feedback than “doing” which you already would have still if any one clicks with you… great
1. App presence is not there, expansion is so restricted
2. This delay in launching app also hints at Financials. Why no revenue model has been worked out yet. Need to monitise your creation. To start how about having a contribution link in the site?
3. They call it inspiration, use as many social platforms you can by demo id and see there best practices. I see many people sharing other social platform id on Now&Me to move out due to privacy and non user friendly chat can you have private chat rooms kind of stuff. Access to full site only on sign up and other industry standard practices.
4. Reach out: Most of the users are in their teens ( means no revenue) need to reach more of young working population on the ground to start. How about to target BPOs/ Noida first have low cost advertisement like banner in the vicinity of offices, pamphlets distribution, presence in events etc.
5. In India Mental Health is at nascent stage. So your opportunity is really huge. Even if you just want to help the reach is so limited without self sustaining model. Roping in paid online therapists, paid premium features in app etc must be thought of.

Thank you so so so much @ordinaryguy, this means SO much to the both of us. Really really appreciate your kind words.

1. We are on it!
2. Working on it, thank you so much :)
3. Understood, we will take this into consideration for sure.
4. Okay, thank you for the insight.
5. Definitely!

Thank you so much for all your insights :)


I think you should send out email notifications for AMA sessions so that people don’t miss them

Hi everyone!
We are really looking forward to all your responses. It would be wonderful if you could take out some time and tell us your perspective about Now&Me!🧡

Hello 🌟
We’re so grateful for all of you, because you make Now&Me what it is and we can’t wait to hear from you what your experience has been like!

I recently joined it and i am so glad how this is working and I always had the passion to help people and I am basically a Psychology majors student. So this is my career field as well. You guys have done a very good job. I have few suggestions as well.

Hi @youareimportant !
First up, what a lovely username.

& Secondly, thank you so much for your kind words, not just for the Now&Me community but also towards all its members.

Would love to hear any and all of your suggestions about how we can enhance the Now&Me experience. You can tell us here or, feel free to speak to me on bani@nowandme.com regarding this if you like!


I was feeling heavy in my heart and had nobody to talk to. Felt like my mind will explode overthinking. I wanted to be heard and needed a feedback on my thoughts from a second person.
I’d like to help people like me whenever I can with words and kindness. Make a reliable circle here I can fall back onto. Share my experience and let them know that they are being heard and are definitely not alone. And at times when I feel I need help with something, I post it here.
Wondering if you have plans to create an app version of Now&Me since I don’t open my laptop as frequently but would like to stay connected people here.

:) Thank you so much for creating this wonderful platform.

Thank you so much for your feedback and absolutely wonderful words about Now&Me, we really appreciate it🧡
We see you helping out so many people here and it’s so heartwarming to read your responses.
We are considering and will let you know our plan about the Now&Me app soon!🌻


*What motivated me to join Now & Me? To help people seeking guidance
*What do you like to use Now & Me for? To connect with people regardless of where they are or their background
*What are your expectations from Now & Me? To allow us to write about our personal experiences in the Blog area without needing to write it as if it was an editorial that needs sites as references.

Thank you so much for your feedback!!!🧡
Please feel free to share your personal experience with us that you want to share in the blog area on info@nowandme.com

Here is an example of a personal account that we published: https://nowandme.com/blog/mood-depressive-disorder-mdd-as-an-immigrant


🔸 Motivation to join now and me nothing More likely I am a kind of person I like to help people i don’t care who are they basically I like to see the happiness on the people’s face so I try to do what ever I can from my side .
🔸 I like to use now and me for to help the people out there who think they don’t have any solution for their problems .
I read out some suggestions given in the site to see how people think about that situation how they are able to solve it .
🔸 expectations from now&me is…
Okay all I would expect from this website is that create an app for now&me put a notification pop outs because a they are very less people who knows about this website they are people who expect a quick reply for their problems if we get a notification from that app it would be easy for the people approach the problem as soon as possible
For eg: three hrs ago a person said that he is going to commit suicide he must be waiting for a reply for his answer but after three hours we don’t know wether he is reading that msg or not basically we don’t know that he is still alive or not
Think about it that’s my suggestion for now&me 😄😄😄
Thank you …!

Thank you so much for your feedback and for constantly helping out everyone on the platform🧡
We completely understand your point of view and are considering the Now&Me app very actively. We will let you know our plan soon⭐


I really felt that I wanted someone to listen to me and not just hear me. I knew about Now&Me and I had typed a lot of messages before, but i use to delete them, until I finally gathered the courage to post them. Looking forward to see how helpful it is for me.

It’s wonderful to hear that you could finally get the courage to post your feelings here on Now&Me. We hope you had and are continuing to have a good experience. Thank you so much for your feedback🧡


I need an outlet. I need at least one person or thing I can confide in.

No expectations yet, but after just one anonymous post, I feel a little lighter.

We are so happy that you feel lighter and better after one post. We hope that you continue to feel this way. Thank you so much for your feedback🧡

its really nice place where i can share my problems and everybody share their thoughts and helped me to guide for solving my problems in a different way

Thank you so much for your kind words @melody🧡 Always here for you!


I needed an outlet and support for the things that were taking a toll on me.
I started with posting my inner turmoil but eventually went on to reply to the people who shared their issues and tried my bit in easing their distress.

It would be great if you could develop an app for Now&Me. The website is amazing and I love the work y’all do, but an app would be super cool.
Still, THANK YOUUU for whatever you’re doing, for making this world a better place and for providing this platform for everyone who’s struggling. 💛

Thank YOU so much for being a part of Now&Me and helping out people in easing their distress. You make Now&Me what it is and we are so glad to have you here. You are super cool!
We are considering an app and will let you know about it soon🧡


I really want someone to guide me becaus I was facing heartbroken and did not know how to get over it.On now ane me I can share my feelings honestly without the fear of judgement


I can help you here even everyone can help their self. If we decide what we want or able to find the logic or the reason for our each act.

Yes, please feel free to always share your feelings and emotions on Now&Me. You will never be judged. We are here to help you out🧡


To share my feeling without people know thats me

Understood! Thank you so much for your feedback🧡


I saw the website on Instagram and I share about my condition. Just to get some mental health tips here

We hope you got what you were looking for and will continue using Now&Me. Thank you so much for your feedback🧡


I think I joined here to support people who all are mentally disturb or stressed. I want to make them realisation of value of life.

Suggestion- It would be great if you may start connecting on call also or give an option to hide number.

Thank you so much for your feedback and for continuously helping out so many people🧡
Sure, we will take your suggestion into consideration @avtar!


Less interactive there is no other way of interaction with people rather than in comment

Thank you so much for your feedback🧡 We will take your suggestion into consideration and work towards making Now&Me more interactive for you all!

I joined this to help people out there who don’t know if there is someone in their life that will actually listen to them.

We see you helping out so many people! Thank you for being a part of Now&Me. You are important🧡


Need someone who can understand

We are here for you. Please feel free to share your feelings, emotions and whatever is on your mind here on Now&Me!🧡


I joined Now and me to express my feelings. I like it because it gives a platform where one can share his feelings without any hesitation.

Thank you so much for your feedback @jiswanath🧡 We are glad to hear that you like the platform. We hope you’ll continue to be a part of our community :)


1-I do believe that mental health is very essential in one’s life
2-Helping others and finding supportement as well when I need it
3-to be a simple platform to be used
Thanks a lot ❤❤

We completely agree that mental health needs to be prioritised and is very essential in one’s life.
Thank you so much for your feedback @theseeker🧡


I don’t have a lot of friends. Maybe because I am afraid they will leave me. So i found this website on the internet and decided to join it.

We will always be here for you whenever you want to share and express your emotions or feelings. You’ll never be alone here🧡


I want to use this website to reach out more people and say my things out while remaining anonymous.

You can definitely do so here! We are looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Thank you so much for your feedback🧡


My expectations from this app is to fimd someone who would understand me.

We really hope you do find someone who understands you. We do our best to connect you with such people. Please feel free to express yourself here on Now&Me🧡


What motivated me to join Now&Me was the necessity to vent to someone and be heard. I was going through the most difficult part of my life, I needed to write my feelings and lessen my pain and loneliness at the time. This site was perfect for me.
I like to use it now to keep my head clear, say feelings I wouldn’t dare to admit to anyone I know and give myself a little hope.
Honestly, I can’t think of expectations I have with Now&Me. I like the upgrades and for me I can’t find any problems here yet.
Also, thank you for reading and asking us this! This shows how attentive and open the team is and it’s admirable already. Keep like this and gl !!

Hi @galexia. Thank you for your feedback and for being a part of Now&Me for such a long time. We are so glad to have you as an active member of our community. Your feedback means a lot to us, thank you so much🧡 So happy that you like the upgrades. We hope to keep improving the experience for you in the future⭐


I want to live but I can’t find a way. I found this website on Google.
I would like to use this for overcoming my depression issues.
I want someone to listen to me for once. At least once.

We are all here to listen to you. Please don’t ever feel that you’re alone. Kindly share whatever you are going through and we will do our best to help you out and be there for you. Sending you loads of love, power and strength🧡


- I felt lost, I wanted to tell others about my feeling through things other than songwriting. I feel I can’t trust anyone at the moment so I found Now&Me and another way to vent(?) out my feelings I guess?

- Now&Me is good to use for calming down and writing about my feelings. I use it for things I don’t feel safe to talk about in real life (to anyone).

- My expectations when I first found it was basically what it is. I thought it was going to be a good place to kind of anonymously talk about my feelings and get support and feedback from others.

Sometimes people you don’t know understand you more people that do.

Yes exactly! We believe that sometimes someone miles away from you can understand you and help you feel so much better than the people around you. We are so happy that you found Now&Me and are a part of our community. Thank you so much for your feedback, we are grateful for you!🧡


🔸What motivated you to join Now&Me?

Because I need someone to talk to. There are few people replying to my post but it’s still better than no response. I can’t really receive that on other social media but this website allows that because that’s their sole purpose.

🔸What do you like to use Now&Me for?

Asking questions related to my life problems and to give advice to people in return. It’s a cycle of helping here.

🔸What are your expectations from Now&Me?

Have an app. Sorts out the posts. Categorize them into the ones with the most views, responds and the latest ones. I think this can attract people.

Really like how you described it as a “cycle of helping here” Your feedback and words mean a lot to us, thank you so much🧡
We are considering the app, as well as working on sorting out the thoughts according to various parameters. We’ll let you know about it soon. Thank you once again for your feedback🧡


I joined nowandme because I searched in Google how to sucide and it showed me your page
I want someone to hear me out to be a true friend without knowing me without any expectations just to listen and speak themselves too.

Hey, please don’t ever feel that you are alone or that you have to go through what you’re feeling by yourself. We are here to listen to you, support you, help you, be there for you always. Please please share with us whatever is leading you to have these thoughts and we will do everything in our power to help you through it. The community listen to you without any expectations and selflessly try to help you out as much as we can. You’re not alone. Sending you loads of love, power and strength!


I just want someone to talk to. I want a friend

Please feel free to express yourself here on Now&Me. You will definitely find someone who will understand you :)


express ur views or whatever in ur mind just say it
for me, it’s like a friend whom I am talking
the expectation is a tricky thing so I tried to have no expectation from both ends.

btw thanks for being my friend 🙂

Thank you for considering us your friend. Your response made us so happy🧡 We are here for you, friend🧡


1. I joined Now&Me because I was looking for apps and websites where I can share my thoughts and talk about my problems with strangers and ask them for advice.
2. To use as my motivation and to be able to share my thoughts and problems as well as giving other people advice :)
3. I thought a few people would use this and won’t reply, but I was wrong. People here really help me with what should I do and should not.

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback, it means a lot to us. We are so glad that you are having a good experience here on Now&Me and we assure you that we are working hard to keep making it better for you🧡


Can you add more tags I desperately wanted to use the word empathy and couldn’t. Is there somewhere we could send take suggestions?


*tag suggestions

Thank you so much for your feedback @kbrits.
We will definitely take your suggestions into consideration!🧡
The tag suggestions can be sent to us here, on this thread: https://nowandme.com/tag-suggestions-please-let-us-know-if-you-wZUo9UfZB


I don’t have literally no one with whom i can share what is going on in mind and my feelings. I don’t want to go in depression just by keeping everything inside me. I want to get relief and peace. Here i got that and feeling much better when i share anything in this group

Hi @reetut, we are so glad that you are feeling better after using Now&Me. Do let us know if we can do anything to improve your experience even more🧡


Need someone to talk to who isn’t going to run and tell my problems

Hey @butterfly, we’re not going to run. You can share anything you’re feeling here on Now&Me🧡


I was motivated by the promise of a platform where I can post my stories.
I would like to use Now&Me to post stories.
To get a readership and get published.

Hey @flamin! Sure, go head and share!


Now&Me is a nice idea. I came to know about it through my friend
I would like to use Now&Me for sharing my thoughts and helping people. Hope I would be able to!
Hmmmm… talking about expectations… to be honest i really don’t know what my expectations are…

I liked the concept though😄

Thank you so much for your kind words. Grateful that your friend suggested Now&Me to you🧡


i guess i felt lonely and left out.
i like to use now and me for helping people out or to speak out about my issues.
i dont have expectations, everyone is completely different and unique.

Thank you so much for being here and being an active user of Now&Me, @nemisisss!⭐


A friend recommended me this website to lay out my worries anonymously. The community is so helpful and understanding with great advice and it really helps to see that people care for our problems too

Thank you so so much for your kind words. We are so glad that you like the experience here and that your friend recommended it to you. Hope you stay an active member of our community🧡


It’s been years I have this feeling of depression within . I am hoping to get some one to discuss my problems with. I expect the person I am talking to will understand and will help me to overcome.

Hello, you are at the right place my friend! We’re all here for you. Feel free to express yourself :)


I really can’t talk to people about my problems so its nice to have a place to be anonymous and just say it.
Thank you

We are glad you can do so here on Now&Me. So happy you’re a part of our community❤


I was motivated cuz I was always depressed and no one cared about me. I like to use it to tell people about my problems, so I don’t have to struggle everyday.

We promise that we truly care about you here! Hope you are liking the experience on Now&Me :) Cool username btw!


Hope that this site allows users to connect like chatting and sharing thoughts to each other!

Hey Anon! We are working on building these features for you. Kindly allow us some time so that we can get it executed for you properly and as soon as possible :)


I’m feeling good

Feeling good because you’re feeling good🧡


I ended up here because I had no one to talk to.So one day I googled where can I talk to people like me ,share my thoughts and help each other come out of difficulties.I really love this site.Now I can say that I have someone to talk to.
THANK YOU NOW&ME. this is helping me bear my trouble

Yayyyy, we are so happy!!! Thank you anon🧡


I feel like I am not able to express myself better to people

Try by doing so here on Now&Me! We’ll be there to listen to you :)


🔸What motivated you to join Now&Me?

Loved the concept and overall UI/UX. You guys are nailing it.

🔸What do you like to use Now&Me for?

I use it to help as many people possible on this site with my insights of life experiences. It also heals me in good way!

🔸What are your expectations from

You guys need to develop an app ASAP and I’m sure you have that in your to do list.

Also, a feature to follow each other in case we need to contact each other. Because now people are sharing cell numbers, other social handles which I feel takes away your potential users and never comeback to the site. Having a app will overcome such issues.

Also, never provide a feature to share media. Because people will abuse this platform and share useless not-so funny videos and stupid memes and what not.

Thank you so much! Means a lot to us @snktmore
It’s so good to hear that it helps you heal as well, that’s a great perspective to have!

Yes, we are working on an app, do give us some time to get it done :)

Will take all your suggestions into consideration, thank you so much🧡


I joined now&me because I need help, advice from others about what I was going through.
my life becomes a total mess in all ways possible
and for that I need help and it did help me. Thank you so much

We are so happy that you found what you needed and that Now&Me did help you out🧡🌻


What motivated me was knowing Im able to communicate with other people.

I like to use Now&Me for communication.

My expectations are to get an idea or answers and to deal with my problems somehow and have a changed mindset.

Thank you so much! We will try our best to help you out with what you need :)


I had a lot of things going on and found now and me as a way to talk about my insecurities and seek help and friendship.

Glad you found us🧡⭐🦄


I always feel lonely. I have no friends or family with whom I can speak about everything freely… I always keep everything within me… and at the end of the day…All those frustration burst out as tears in the bed. I want someone to talk to me about the happenings in my life and advise me on that.


Let me know what is going on? I have been going through the exact same shit. I’m still crying in the bed all alone. And I’m not the person who can share everything with everyone freely.


Tumbled upon the website, browsed the blogs, ruminated some blogs and voilà… I am here. I am amazed and impressed by the presentation and content of the site. I would love to be part of the community. God willing, I do hope to share my stories. There are stories to be shared, Worries to be shred, Love to be spread. Hopefully, may this place be the one I have been looking for long! Thank you. Stay blessed!

Such a sweet message, thank you so much @rebati31. This is so heartwarming. We are glad you like Now&Me🧡


I have been going through a lot since my childhood and that time the outburst didn’t happen because i was a kid back then and i had a lot of other things to worry about and also there was no corona. Now as i have grown up and I’m 19 yrs old going to college the things have started to affect me more. Like I don’t think people can relate to me in my situation because it cannot be explained in text. There’s a long story to it. As i study in Delhi, i have been feeling the same there with the person i live and now I’m back home and guess what i feel more horrible. I feel like i have nowhere to go. It’s really hard like very and i think my problem might not affect everyone the same but it affects me a lot because I’ve kept it inside for sooo long it’s been years actually. If anybody wants to listen to my problems I’m so sorry that i have to beg people to listen to me but I’m only getting the courage to say it here anonymously. Thanks

Hey, you can share whatever you want to, whenever you want to and we’ll be there to listen to you. You can do so freely without the fear of any sort of judgment. We’re here for you and you’re not alone!🧡


To help me through my teen year.
To spill my guts (hehehe)
Some help to get through tough times…



Glad you’re here and thought of us to help you out. We’re here for you🧡


Going through a lot right now and the people closest to me aren’t interested in sharing my struggles. I needed a place where I could connect with others who are or have gone through what I am going through and offer words of advice, encouragement, or someone to hear me vent and it is okay.

We can understand what you’re feeling and that is exactly why we built Now&Me for you. Glad you found our way to us and we hope that you have a great experience here. Thank you!


Being the one of a kind platform that now & me is , is in itself the reason that motivated me join the platform.
My purpose on now&me is different, I like do my slightest bit of contribution to spread positivity and hustling culture in the world through the quotes and write ups I share.
That Drishti Gupta reaches unending heights.

Thank you for your kind words and constant support Divyansh. We realllllly appreciate you being an active member of our community🧡


i joined Now&Me to talk to people to get a different opinion and different perspective
I just joined today I have yet to explore
I hope I can meet kind people that can give good feedback

Hi Cassie, so glad you are here. We really hope you have a great experience🧡


I joined as i desperately needed someone to share my feelings with, and what im going through. I still do need that shoulder to cry on and NowandMe has given me the chance to express everything i bottle up, and it makes me happy that People actually sit down and take the time to read and respond to others.
Im not certain what i expect in the future for Now And me, but if there re any New additions or improvements they wont go unappreciated :)

Hi Zoe, thank you for your kind words, we all really appreciate it. We hope to provide you with better features and improvements in the future!🧡


Motivation was of dual nature. I wanted a place where it was okay to talk about mental health issues. I also have experience taking professional help, so I felt like I could contribute to helping other people too.

I use Now&Me to share my experiences so that both I and other people are comforted.

My expectations from Now&Me is that I would like this to be a moderated space where people can speak freely, without being judged. So far, they’re doing an amazing job maintaining this space.

Thanks for your kind and appreciative words Kavya! We will do our level best to keep Now&Me a safe and moderated space for you and everyone else, that’s our top-most priority🧡

I am someone who wants to talk to people, make them feel better, listen to them and if I can bring a smile to their face my motive is fulfilled.

I mostly use it for reading other people’s thoughts and try to answer them in the most easy and meaningful way.

I have seen that everybody uses ENGLISH as a medium, so what if someone who isn’t comfortable in using English will no longer use this platform only? After seeing that everyone is writing in English so if I use Hindi, maybe that would be the first thing to be judged by others or they feel are the less.


Wanted to vent out my feelings
to communicate with people
This option of personal message shld be there so that we dont flood someone others chats