Lakshit Jain @lakshitjain

My Questions is that from few days I am asking my dad for buying a new iphone 7 for me because the last from Redmi Note 3 is not working well so I said him that please but it for me but he refued to buy… he always say “MEINE APNE FRIEND KO BOLA HUA HAI”… but i don’t think that he had said to anyone… I always get in a very sad postion and i feel hopeless… Please get me a better idea or solution to deal with my issue…

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hello lakshit, i feel your problem, in teenage years we feel peer pressure because all our friends have cool new things and we also want i can understand that. but iphone is expensive, so i can understand why your father is not liking to spend and maybe he wants to buy you but sometime we have to see from parents point because they do their best to provide all our needs…hope you can understand that and see from his view

Khushboo @khushboo

Hello, please don’t be sad. He will definitely bring a new i phone for you. He might need some time or waiting for right time. All the best.

Lavish Verma @lavishverma

don’t depend on your father
Earn money & then purchase what you like
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Asad @asad

Understand your father situation…

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