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Hey Kathy here!

Guysss I’m feeling so frustrated now! Can you guess why because my best friends and my boyfriend are planning to go for a movie tomorrow without me! May be you guys will thinking now what a bulk shit it’s… Yeah I know it’s a silly reason to be get worried… That’s my problem , I hope u got it now!
I have a best friend… She is a bloody attention seeker… And even I m tooo… And my boyfriend … We are like water and fire…so my bestie wants my atten6 evry time… But there was some time i like to spend my time with my boyfriend… So whenever there is any occasion in my college after that me n my bestie had a fight about my carelessness… Actually I’m fed up with this drama… But guysss i really like her… I like her a lit but i don’t like to tolerate this drama… And because she is an overexpressive every one around me thinking like I’m a rude person and I’m avoiding my bestie when I get my bf… Wot will i do guysss

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So YOUR BF and YOUR best friends (plural) are going to movie without you, how does it even make sense?
Also second paragraph : Talk to your bestie and tell her you cant be with her 24/7 .


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