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Hey, I’ve had no one to talk to about this & decided to share. So of course I have a dad. Me and him were always close unlike him & my sister. Last year, a bunch of stuff happened & I haven’t seen him since then. I started hearing a lot of bad stories about him and it just made me so angry, like giving my sister depression because of how he treated her. We would talk on facebook and he always said rude things like call me bad words & say that he doesn’t need us, he only needs his other 3 kids, my younger siblings. February 20th was his birthday & i decided it was best to tell him happy birthday. So I did, but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get some things off my chest. He just started getting mad & saying he doesn’t want to relinquish our relationship & that he doesn’t need me & stuff. I’m just hurt that I was always there for him & this is how I’m treated. It could be the drugs and the alcohol messing with his mind but it still hurts. Any tips on how to deal with this?

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You need to know that he is the one who needs help not you, as rude as this might sound. You can just be there for him but he will have to make the chnages and do the heavy lifting, no? dont make your affection make you feel guilty or weak…


Hi ,
I feel like as people grow older they become more and more stubborn in their ways and it is harder for them to change . No matter how small or big the thing is. Even if it a logical and practical thing,our parents may refuse .They might not even realise that they are wrong. With that being said, i would recommend ,that if you have already tried your best to mend your relationship and that still did not work,you need to find your peace with it and move on with your life. Holding grudges will only do you harm as that toxic energy will still be inside you . So please forgive and forget and let go of your past issues. Build yourself in such a way that his words cannot harm you


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