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hey im new here and i want to share something that is bothering me for 6 months now. Me and my ex broke up after dating for 2 years and he left me without any reason as i was asking for more time and attention from him.We were toxic to each other already but im still not able to let him go. i’ve kissed other guys after that but still I’m so into him,he’s blocked me and we haven’t talked since then,but i miss him and want him.
i don’t know why it’s giving me so weird thoughts and so much anxiety and i cannot stay happy for so long, im not letting people in. AND I AM SO SCARED

Post anonymously?

It’s natural to feel that way, because we mostly miss the daily texts, call and other related things since those had become a part of your daily routine. What helped me was; take your time with it, don’t repel your thoughts. Think about it as much as you can because if you push away your thoughts, you’d never fully make peace with it.


this helps a bit thankyou 💞


If you really want to move on you have only one option
Keep yourself busy
Find a new hobbies or create one
So you dont have time to remember him


tell him this and see what happens.and if you both choose to be together again forget past completely.and if he refuses dont try again.


but i am scared


why so serious!!😂


its not that big task for sure.


i have tried contacting him numerous times
he is not interested to talk to me or even look at me


then move on.


After such a long time it’s like you are used to that person and suddenly you don’t see him it makes you feel anxious. It’ll take time to get over him. Make yourself busy with the things you love to do it will be easier to move on. people who are toxic for our lives should be kept at a distance, only the people who make us progressive and feel good about our selves are to be loved back.


After a break up you need to give time for yourself and for him as well.

Always remember time is the best medicine always but in this time what you choose is more important… develop yourself and change… what he don’t like keep yourself in his position and ask a yourself a question you will find out an answer !

I will tell you what will happen become strong ones he is back he should find a new person is you !

Be Patience ! And wait


Focus on yourself.
Go with the flow and avoid doing that stuff which makes you feel bad with regression.
Good things take time and time heals everything.
Look forward.