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Hey, I’m doing this for the very first time and I’ll try to keep this precise and small as far as I can. If you can spare some minutes, please get through it, with a positive thinking and bottom-up thinking, meaning forgetting all things you’ve heard of any of the thing before. Also, I don’t promote any use of illegal substances.
Recently, I found a green magical plant which could provide you with certain chemicals that can make you feel either ‘high’ or ‘medicated’ or both(which is most of the times). Maybe you guessed it, weed, pot, marijuana whatever you say. It is an upcoming teenage drug and is seen by different perspectives by all of the people. Agree! I do. But what happened was yesterday I was talking to my parents back in my hometown. I came to know that my mother was having headache frequently, so she used to take normal painkillers from pharmacies.
I don’t if this is right but what I think is only ‘CBD OIL’ that is the part of marijuana which is medicinal and used worldwide by various people to calm their muscles, deal with anxiety, increase appetite, deal with insomnia and so on. I know people argue on the thought of marijuana but I’m just taking about the good thing which we get from the herb. You can spapre some time searching for CBD and its features. It do some side effects but honestly, if you do it instead of those chemical harmful painkillers, I think it could prove more safe and better option. Like seriously when I see them sometimes in tension then I feel like why can’t I help them, this is of course organic and non-poisonous plant which is used in others ways as well and when it is pure, without the chemicals and only the CBD, it is a medicine, an organic medicine. Because to be honest I came in tension when I heard of them taking painkillers but I won’t panic so much if they say we consume a pinch of CBD oil as we were tensed. Also please if you think this is wrong or taboo, just please once even check what ‘CBD’ is what it does.
Appreciate you for reading. 😃

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You’re absolutely right. There seems to be a lot of drama and taboo around it. But really I believe CBD oil, in the right dosage, can actually help and not harm. I’ve heard friends and family use it. Don’t stress over it (^_^)


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