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Hey I’m depressed since I was 13 after my mom passed away. Since young I’ve seen the toxicity my dad spreads. He used to hit my mom and he even cheated on her. He still controls my life where I cannot go anywhere without asking him and when I do he beats me and takes my phone away. This doesn’t happen with my brother and he could go anywhere he wants. I feel like a prisoner in my own home and whatever I do I only get mean words from him. I’m depressed to a point that I want to end it all. I’ve been holding on to the only hope that I will have a better future and hopefully leave this place once I get a job. I fell in love with a guy for 5 years but he left me too saying I cheated on him when I didn’t. He didn’t even care having an adult conversation. He just left and I tried killing myself alot of times because it felt like life only gives me failure and sadness. I don’t know how to handle all of from young age and sometimes I think it’s better if I just leave forever.

Post anonymously?

I am sorry about your mom. Your father shouldn’t do this and yes, controlling to an extent is important but not beating. This isn’t right. Maybe revoke once when he does it? So, that he knows it’s not right and he doesn’t have the right just because you are his daughter. I am with you. Take a bold step.
He is probably doing this with you and not your brother because he is a sexist. I mean it showed from what he did to your mother and now it is on you and nothing happens to your brother.
If you are not from India, then yes you will soon be able to live an independent life and get out of this whole situation. But in India, it’s a long journey for a Job. You shouldn’t let go of everything like this. Maybe talk to someone else about this who can help you or guide you and on whom you can count?