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Hey, idk if anyone’s gonna see this but I thought I’d vent for a second. Ever since quarantine I’ve became distant with my irl friends. My schedule was to wake up, eat, watch tiktok, eat more, and sleep. Basicly my life was boring as it was. But it all changed when I saw a discord link in the comment section of a random video. This group of people became best friends, My family. I had an actual emotion bond with them. But one text ruined everything (I didn’t say any slurs) All of them were about to split they were saying how the group was suppose to be unproblematic and fun, how they were to old for the drama. I felt guilty that this was about to happen. All because of me? Greatfully they stayed together but they were still really mad. And I don’t blame them. I told them I would take a break but I check back every minute. I feel like they’ve forgot about me, or have another chat without me. I’ve been having lots of break downs and just all together my mental heath hasn’t been so good. I’ve been feeling sad and guilty and I feel like I ruined the only good thing I had in my life. Idk what to do with these feelings except stay quiet and deal with it on my own 😕.

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Listen to me. Never box your feeling.
Tell them how you feel! Tell them about the guilth and sadness you have been feeling.
Do not be afraid. If you want change, you have to make the first step.


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