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Yash @brucewilly

Hey! I want to share some thing , I had a break up after 3 years of being in a relationship , I’m trying to bounce back again but I had that habit of somebody aside me because of my past relationship now she is gone ,I was broken lost ,I always wanted some one to love and support me and I’ll be there for her in any situation , love and honesty with little bit of time is what matters me the most ,I hope there is also some one there who thinks the same way ,

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#ISHQFAREEB @hhhdddf


Time changes and people changes , at times person get bored for many reasons in relationship, they dont have any answers or reason for break ups, No matter what you feel ,no one cares , neither your past nor your friends, thats fact i faced it too, everytime who stands by you who holds you, its just family, try to spend time with them.


Hey buddy.
Me too went through a bad breakup.
I am there for you.
Even I am feeling dam broken and lost.


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