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I want to ask something,
First i am asexual and a tomboy.
Recently there is a girl who tells me she loves me.
I told her in many ways she just don’t understand. She announces herself as my girlfriend. All think that too because of my boyish style… I don’t understand why others care.
I have no problem with that what others think but my family.
My family thinks i am lesbian and they think i am not accepting it because they think i think it as taboo
My mother she says i need to get a girlfriend and someone to take care of me.
My brother too
Even like this i push it away and live myself without thinking much
But yestarday they went overboard
My mother send a resignation letter to my office… Although i stop it to reach CEO, i get it on my nerves
When i ask my mother she says i need to take rest for few years as i am financially stable. Why the hell? I got that job going through many hardships. That’s my favorite job and it is of high position, why the heck do i need to leave it. I work to have fun not about financially status.
As i got home at 11 00 pm at night, i directly went to my room. And coming out i can’t open my door, it’s locked from outside. And that girl came out into my room, she is in my room whole time. I shouted at my mother to open door she told you should enjoy the night with her. I am gone blank faced. That girl is getting close to me, i feel disgusted if someone come close to me. She asked me to enjoy the night with her, i really get it to my head. I feel really disgusted as she is coming near me. I told her many times she didn’t listen. I just beat her… She is too dramatic, i just beat her and she is acting like i am going to kill her, she shouted really loud, my mother came running and opened the door. My mother took her away. My mom first time slapped me hard. She told i am just a jerk who goes around beating people. From my childhood i beat only few people who got on my nerves really.
That minute i get out of the house and went to a hotel.
What should i do?

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Ansuman @itscompliclate

Man u r really in a very harsh conditions
U can’t imagine how you r feeling now
I can only advice you to be calm
Just stay away from your family for few days and after that they will definitely contact you
If they don’t, u should approach your family and try ur best to explain them
Family is important
If they don’t understand then please leave the house
U r financially independent
U can take care of yourself

I don’t know why ur family doesn’t understand you
Everybody is different

All the best
It will be a long fight.


That’s what i thought
You know what my mother tell she tells i am girl but she accepted me as a tomboy at childhood and she accepted me going into industry which is for boys…
I don’t understand why she need to accept it, i am just born like that. What is there to accept yaar
I feel what problem she has when i am asexual.


Fortunately, you are working already and have a stable job. So, live independently for a while, everything will be sorted with time.


Thanks yaar


The term asexual is very new
And the most underrated one .
Due to internet and TV, our parents came across the term like gay and lesbian but they don’t know about asexual at all . They thought u r lying in fear of embarrassment in the name of lesbian and Tomboy. That’s why they act modern and try to comfort u by saying those words like ‘accept’
U r what u r and I believe some day
They will understand this also
Be strong
There will be a lot of external force to deflect ur thoughts but u have to be strong


Thanks yaar


bro even I am asexual… anyway… what ur mom did was horrible… at first I thought she accepted your sexuality unlike other indian parents, which she actually did… but she shouldn’t have done what she did and also the girl went overboard… I don’t understand why she is forcing herself on you and why your mother is forcing you to be with her… u clearly denied it but your mom didn’t trust you… if you are financially stable… then I would suggest you to move out and rent a 1 bedroom apartment or a studio apartment and live there until you have figured out where you wanna settle and stuff… they will eventually contact you… keep in contact with them but just don’t move back with them


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