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Hey, I totally feel alone… I was in a long distance relationship but ny gf never wanted a long distance because she wanted to enjoy her life with a bf… and therefore she made one in the town she is in .She claims to love me and begs me to not go from her life but how it is fair to me… I just cry every night seeing her like this and act normal in front of her daily… Can’t share these things with any kf my family member or friends just handline alone… Can anybody plssss take out tym and talk to me … I just don’t know what to do… I can’t focus on anything since last 1 month due this… Facing too much mental pressure due to this.

Post anonymously?

Hey. I’m here for you. I was in a long distance as well and it did not work out. So trust me, I understand completely what you’re feeling. We can surely talk about anything and everything you want to. You’re not alone! :)
Even though it was a long distance, them leaving makes you feel extremely lonely. No one to confide yourself in. And one minor trigger is legitimately all it takes for you to come crawling back to each other.


Thank u so much for being there… once i thought of deleting this as no one would have time for reading this… can we get connected on any social media?


Hey. I’m sure this platform is perfect!!


Hii buddy I can understand your problem and pain. I am also in a long distance relationship(LDR) and yes it’s hard. One thing that I tell my friends about LDR is… Be in it only when the distance, temptations, wait is worth everything. If you want to just have fun and do normal things like hanging out
, meeting frequently then there is no point in being in a LDR. Your gf may not be a bad person but she isn’t ready for a commitment and she has another boyfriend already that means she clearly cheated on you. Begging you to not go away has nothing to do with loving you. She wants to keep her options open. I know it’s so hard but leave her completely, don’t respond when she contacts you randomly. You are not a back up plan. Let her deal with the consequences of her choices. Give yourself time to grieve but move on with your life.