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i need someone to tell me that if bf had some reason and he didnt mssg u properly but leave you a short message i knw i shouldnot have insecurities but when i see him online even though if he text me but when i see him flirting with his gir lbest friend and she also have bf . They say that their friendship works like that i mean i get so jealous of them when they comment on each others meme . i dont how to get over it and i cannot let him know that i still cannot get over that jealousy cause i used to fight with him daily about that and now i dont want to fight over small things 😐😶

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Talk to him openly. If you think you are not happy with all of this, then this is going to bring problems between you two. I don’t get it why people stop putting efforts for a relationship and start taking each other for granted after a point. Sad to hear that dear.
Anybody and everybody should feel valued and secured in their relationship. Sure he should get his space but there shouldn’t be any stress between you two.
Try this out. When you two are calm and having a good time, talk about this. Not as a complain, but as a discussion and be open to listen to his concerns.
After this conversation think about it, if you feel that this is normal and you were overthinking then you can try to focus your energy on something else. Let him be and just observe him mindfully.
Focus on your individual growth. Like your hobbies, meditate or do things you love that can keep you occupied. Get in touch with your friends and spend time with your own circle. Let him see you in your space doing your own thing that has nothing to do with him. This will curb your anxiety and may help you think better. In the end you can see how he takes it. If this change in you causes him to give you more attention, know that he was taking you for granted and realized how it feels to be on the other side. Never let him know that you are observing him and doing things intentionally.
If he doesn’t get back, he is not worth your time and doesn’t deserve a loving person like you. I hope this doesn’t happen but if does, you would have a life outside of him already so you won’t be miserable. :)
Good luck! Take care!


ok so obviously there is something not right about the situation it’s not like he’s busy or has a problem because he seems to talk to his friend just fine so I suggest 2 things, you can do. Although both are petty they will make you feel better.
1. have any guy friends? well get the help of the one you’re closest with and start openly flirting and doing almost the same things as your boyfriend does. start posting video call pictures with captions like
" OMG we talked for 5 hours till 3am time flies so fast when your having fun 😂"
and tell your friend to post similar pics. again comment really flirtatious comments on each other’s posts.

2. Stop giving him attention reply as dryly as you can. Hang out with your friends and always post about it wear Pretty dresses and act like your having the time of your life.

if after all this he still doesn’t care or comes back to or gets jealous then I’m sorry to say but he just doesn’t care about you anymore


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