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I loved someone more than myself for 4 yrs. she did mistakes, I accepted all always. 
I got passive but later I changed myself. Later she got attention from other people. 
Whenever she needed me I was there for her. But she always uses to ignore me. If she is with friends she always tries to have a breakup with me.
She always hiding things from me.
She always has some new chat with an unknown person to me.
I loved her. I did everything for her 
But we are not together now
I am missing her a lot
For every second. I have may opt for a new relationship but I still love.
As she has a strong supporter  now, she is not going come back
I don’t know what to do

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Hey there, I completely understand what you are going through. I have been through same things in life where I felt like I gave in my all but the other person did not love and care that much about me. What I eventually learnt was that I am all by myself and that I can’t expect the world to be kind to me just because I am good and nice to them. But don’t let this experience change you, be the amazing and nice person that you already are. Don’t let people change you. The person will come into your life. Love yourself and live life fully without waiting for someone to love you!


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