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I just had a bad day, it has become a series since past few days. The current pandemic is making everything worse.
What I am struggling with? Well, 2019 was a banner year for me. In short, if I have to tell you. Went into depression due to family pressure of marriage. It got so bad that I quit my work and pushed away my 1 year long relationship. Mental health of women in not a considerable topic of importance, so despite my poor mental health, family forced me into an arranged marriage within a short span of one month. Before I could deal with the change in my life, two months post marriage turns out it was a sham. The man I married and his family were fraud and marriage was a business for them. Even with all the torture and emotional abuse, I put up a brave front for my parents’ guilt, somehow made through the court hearings and anullment. And when I got over with all the things, pandemic lockdown occurred. But it did gave me a positive outlook to it. Although I am better, exercising, concentrating better on work and taking care of myself now. It gets difficult somedays, I get overwhelmed with lot of emotions on some days which makes me curl up and cry. Is it possible that I am suffering from PTSD? I am not sure. Should I be seeking help? Or I can handle this on my own.

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Avtar @avtar


You know we all are a part of god and we have so much powers to convert situation as we need but the only hurdles is realisation. Whenever you will reach the position of self realisation you will never have any doubts on yourself.

Now come to your point although you got your answer in above. But again you must focus on your real goals of life what you to do and wanna achieve in your life. You know whenever the situation is not in your control at that moment go with the flow and also always give your best to convert as you required but don’t feel d u sn if result will not in your favour like in Mahabarat - Shree Krishan taught sirf karam kro.

I don’t feel you suffering with pstd and you know you are strong enough to face the situation and handle too. So stay positive and look forward always.


Honestly, I think you should take help. I understand that you’re doing much better now (and that’s really great to know). You’ve already shown great courage by sharing the story of your ordeal here. Seeking help is just a step ahead. Also, there is absolutely no need to put up a brave,strong front to cover up for other people. They messed with your life and they must face up to what they did wrong. You mustn’t be the one covering up for them and torturing yourself in the process. So please don’t. Hope this helps.


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