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Hey, I haven’t been feeling great today. I ended my 3 year old relationship last year in May because I felt I gave in a lot to the relationship and my partner just didn’t, we’re in contact now, we talk, i feel i haven’t moved on. I mean he was just too unaccepting of me, whatever i did for him, I never got anything in return. I felt the relationship was one sided. We’ve broken up several times and got together again but i don’t want to this time, whenever i find myself talking to him, i start remembering the old days . I don’t know what to do

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Just end the contact. STOP RESPONDING


It feels weird to do that. We had stopped talking and i always find him coming back whenever he wants to and then again there’s a break. How much i want to get out this but i feel i just cannot


It is okay to feel the way you are feeling right now. But the most important thing is, you need to accept yourself and your individuality first. Because you still see yourself as his girlfriend a little bit. That’s why to keep that feeling within you, you run back to him everytime. Start seeing other guys, go dress up and treat yourself the best.


I KNOW HOW IT FEELS. that emptiness in your heart when you miss someone and wanna get along but it’s not right for you. I wont even tell you to cut contact with him, since i know ITS NOT EASY PUTTING YOURSELF THROUGH IT… but guess what? This is the only ethical way out of this. Also, one thing i really feel about moving on is YOU NEVER REALLY MOVE ON FROM SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU FIND ANOTHER PROMINENT PARTNER/PERSON IN LIFE, it could be a bestfriend, partner, any sorts… but you need major changes to get through it completely. Start over a new life honey, if you really wanna get over him.


The thing you can do is stop reminiscing the good old memories. Remember that those days were just memories and they won’t miraculously come back just because you get back with him.
Never forget the reason you broke up. Remove or hide all the things that remind you of past. Try to have minimum contact with him. Fill your schedule with things you like/love.

It will take alot of time but trust me as days pass it works and all those old days will be some good memories without any emotional value attached to them.


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