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Nurul @jannahzahirah

Hey, I have carpal tunnel syndrome now and I will have surgery on 5th January next year. When I see how the surgery going, I’m so nervous. It’s extremely freakin me out. It’s nerve racking. I just can’t stop thinking about this. May I have any support here? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Blabberer @jsv

You’ll be knocked out during the surgery, so you won’t have to see it on yourself.
Relax, your hands will be in good hands. And don’t watch the videos again…

Nurul @jannahzahirah

Thank you so much for your support here. It do really relief me 😊

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You gotta stay strong my friend , yeah ik that you feel Hella nervous but you know what after a successful surgery you will be fine … you just live everyday like every other people without worrying about it.

Nurul @jannahzahirah

Thank you so much 🤗


My sister had it too…she’s doing better…stay strong it will all be fine…love and power to you💖

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