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i have a boyfriend and he’s perfect for me. He’s everything that i need and always be there for me. He’s really good for me. but as his girlfriend, i always feel like im never good enough to be his gf… as example : im not a good kisser, and im not that beautiful, etc. i also feel like im not as beautiful as his exes. 
But my bf say he doesnt care ‘bout it and still loves me just the way i am. He says “because you are you. And i love you” 
but i feel like it’s not fair for him if i cant be as good as him. Although he always say he doesnt care, but i still feel like that. 
what should i do? I need your help :) 
and im sorry if my english isnt good cuz im asian

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Hey there! I used to feel the same way when I was with my ex boyfriend. I used to think that he is the best and I can never do better than him. I used to feel that I needed constant validation from him all the time. I used to never feel good enough. I dated him for 4 years and throughout those 4 years I felt LESS. I felt like something in me was missing. But you know what? After I broke up (about 2 years ago) I realised how wonderful I am. I realised that I am enough and that I don’t need validation from anyone. I experienced so much growth. Most of my insecurities stemmed from my childhood as well as I was a very chubby kid. 
All I’m saying to you is that when you are in a relationship, never ever downplay yourself. I’ve learnt this. Do not keep the other person on a pedestal. You both are equals and you don’t need to make him feel that he has an upperhand over you or that he is better than you. It’s just not fair to you. You are amazing the way you are. You’re a Queen. You’re the boss.


aww thank you so much for your reply and i really appreciate it :) hopefully, i can be proud of myself soon and never feel like im “less” than other.


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