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I don’t know what to do help me😞
So actually what happened is, my bf and I were talking and he asked me who am I gonna date after him, I said I wouldn’t be able to date if anything happens to our relationship (I’m just so damn attached to him) so then I asked him the same question and obviously did not expect another name in the answer. There is this girl he finds cute so he told me he would date her after me. This just broke me like wtf you thinking about stuff like that? 💔. Then I got extremely upset and he asked me if I got hurt and that I could tell him what’s it that’s bothering me. So I told him that I was hut because of that other girl thing. He told me that I was acting typical. I didn’t know what to say so I said sorry for acting typical but I was deeply hurt inside😞. And then I told him that I’ll talk to him later and he was like yeah go.
Someone please tell me did i really act typical? I’m confused and sad.

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You acted normally, it’s just that you should never rule out any possibility and the possibility here is that the relationship might end but there was this amazing quote I came around one day, “never focus on problems you don’t have right now”, do you get it?


Sure I get it 😌. It’s just the fact that him talking about someone like that really hurt. I thought maybe I was overreacting


That’s the thing, you weren’t 😄


Glad about that. 😌


No you didn’t act typical. You where like a person in love…and he is acting like all cool and tough…and you overreacting.

This is not the case…just finish the topic as you are already hurt and more you think or speak about it more it will hurt . Watch him closely…and see whether he is really attracted to you in the same way you are…and in the end make sure you love and keep your self above every damn thing on earth


Nah. You reacted right.
Sis, he ain’t serious about you.
He finds another girl cute, Nd thats okay. But he clearly said he would date her after you.
AFTER YOU. Don’t you get it?
Why would someone who is actually serious about you say like this? Someone who is actually serious about you wouldn’t think of dating another girl.
And the way he said you are acting typical instead of comforting you when you are hurt isn’t right. And DO NOT APOLOGISE FOR HOW YOU FEEL.
you feel hurt, you feel hurt.
be proud and accept how you feel. Period.

Sis, I’ve been there.
And i let things like this happen and in the end, i got so fucked up that My emotions were of no value. Please be careful.
He is toxic. Cut him down if he ain’t serious about you.
You deserve better.


Exactly the thing about feelings comes up and in the end its me who has to say sorry even though its me who’s hurt like most times it happens. But ykw actually our relationship is complicated, I’m Muslim and he’s hindu so there’s this future issues typa thing that comes between yk, so it’s in that context that he said after you but whatever the reason was he shouldn’t have said her name. Ugghh its just so complicated and tiring


Girl, caste and future will never be an issue if a person loves you and is serious about you.
He should rather be willing to fight anything with you, for you but now add cute girls to his list whom he could have if you don’t work out.
Note that he thinks that you both won’t work out.
You are wasting your time over some petty guy who can’t even own up his mistakes but makes you apologise.


But not add**


Idts you acted typically… Its just that you are so attached to him that you couldn’t think of any guy except him when you are with him… But if… he is love for you doesn’t match your love for his… Idk… Sorryyy if that hurt youuu


It’s ok i get it, no need to say sorry☺️


Cheer up bud💛💛 Talk to people… not about this… try to not include him in your talks… And I am really sorry… But I prolly should say it… He doesn’t deserve you… I am really very sorry if I am overstepping


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