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chaithanya @chai007

Hey, I am new here, can anyone tell me what matters in life most is it love or career?

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chaithanya @chai007

I Think It’s better to have an understanding relationship.

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There are going to be people who say that both matter equally, but I’ll tell you the truth and the reason why; and the reason why I feel I’m qualified to tell you this.
The only thing which matters in life is satisfaction. You can spend your whole life chasing either or both of these, and it will still feel wasted if you are not satisfied. So the most important thing in life is satisfaction.
Take my case for example- I chased my academic career all my life, and my record will tell you that, but I still lack love and company. As a result, I’m dissatisfied .

chaithanya @chai007

Don’t feel unsatisfied, You have done so much better in life that anyone couldn’t be proud.

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supriya bhoir @suru_dr

First of all it is necessary to have a good relationship, after that if there is understanding then both will be together.

chaithanya @chai007



Career and only career.

asish @akkk001

Definitely career

chaithanya @chai007

It’s a primary thing both for us and Country, However relationship comes with money.

Arti Cuno @hnshsh


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loyal @anjali7

I think you have to choose what you love.
If you love your career,then it’s simple
Love and career are same
If you love a person,then make sure to consult that person and i know for sure, a better companion will stay all along the way for your dreams
So at last it has come to love.

chaithanya @chai007

Correct answer would be one should ask their parents about this and respect their decision. Nothing gives more satisfaction than being a son or daughter.

singh @oksingh


chaithanya @chai007



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