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Hey I am in a relationship since 2yrs. But from a week or so I have not getting that old vibe which I used to het earlier. I don’t know why this all is happening. I just want him to be the way he was earlier. And I don’t know how to say him this thing. I cry many a times in whole day thinking about all this. Is there someone who could help me out without judging me!!!

Post anonymously?

As your relationship grows older things tend to change, you both get more used to each other and the whole “new vibe of being GF BF” fades away.
Sometimes just a small surprise or a cute little dinner date is all what feels like new.

If you feel that the spark is missing, talk to him. If you think how will I, you will everyday think about the same thing again and again and will make you eat from the inside. So, just go for it and wait for the outcome. He is your boyfriend, you should know how will he react to a situation. Take some time, think when it will be the right move and go for it.