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Anger IssuesThought

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Hey. I am in a long term relationship. It is better now but it was actually toxic in the past, be it verbal abuse, breaking mobile phones, slamming doors, shouting, abusing, i had major anger issues back then and I used to supress a lot. We used to cry for each other and we made sure we don’t leave. No matter how bad things went we stayed togther. We have worked on things and it is better now but the past experiences keep coming back, because of supressing, we never really spoke about things and we never healed from it and it keeps coming back now and we have arguments on things that are in past. I don’t know. I always feel there is something wrong because we have seen worst of each other and i feel there is a loophole somewhere. How are we going to fix so many fights? Its going to come back? Is it still toxic? I don’t know. Please help me.

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If you already fought with your anger, then try to stay calm because sometimes overthinking does nothing good


Don’t focus on the statement " it was toxic in past " focus on " it is better now "

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Just try to end the fights which are been pending or clear it out so that when they are finished then it will not come in future.

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