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I am feeling really low about my career. Its been 2 years since I graduated and I’m jobless and neither I’m pursuing pg. I’m preparing for MBA entrance since last year and failed miserably and now mba cet is my last hope and I’m scared I want a good college to prove some people around me and for myself too. And the worst thing I am not trying it may be for job or studies I already consider myself loser thinking about future itself. I feel useless aimless as if I have no purpose. I don’t wanna live like this don’t worry i dont wanna do anything wrong but my willpower is totally broken💔😭I’m just sharing because sharing to my friends I feel dumb I can’t share it everyday they tell me I am not dumb and I’m overthinking

Post anonymously?

wow writing cet myself :)


Dude, entrance exams in India are not that easy. It takes extreme hardwork to clear them in one go or usually u have to give many tries to clear it. If u have given it once , then learn from yr mistakes and give another try. Practice again and go for it !
But pls be consistent in yr field don’t change it every time u fail
Proving others is more a problem than proving ourself, …stigma in an indian society.


You are not useless or aimless the only thing after reading what you wrote is coward no off but yeah that’s the truth. You completed your graduation and now you are doing MBA and trying to pass it just for the sake to proof someone and you want to do no job or studies. So if you don’t want to study then why are you trying to pass MBA and to be honest you are just wasting that money. Just remember one thing if you have interest in it then only do it. I am definitely sure u are not having any interest in doing MBA. It is just for the some sake you are doing. Do one thing sit down at a place and think of what you like it could be cooking, eating, singing doing business of your own and even doing your own business which field is your interest. And still if you don’t find anything no worries for iit too. If there are problems there are solutions too. Try out few things like for a week or a month just do that thing with all your interest and if you don’t find interest then try for another. It would take some time to get to know that thing but once you do you will be happy the rest of your life. I hope it helps you and if not then come back and correct me. I nevermind