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Hey. I am 19.I am sure I am a gay. But I have not come out to anyone. It is very suffocating now. Sometimes I go to depression by thinking how could I lead my life. I do not involve in a relationship with boys. Thinking about being single in my entire life making me to cry. Every other of my peers who are less intelligent,less attractive can love or can be loved but I can not do both. Everytime I see a couple in love I think " I wish I had this life".but I am gay. I am homophobic. What can I do?


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Try not to being hard on yourself.
Try to accept yourself more.
If you find anyone attractive, it’s your choice. And it’s your life.
If you are 100% sure that you are gay then, try to explore, go on dates with the one you like. Read about lgbtq, people experience. It might help you feel better
Why limit yourself to societal rules. (Tho istg I’m not taking side on criminal activities, I’m just saying that if you and the other person has consent then it’s healthy but don’t limit yourself)

You didn’t even lived half of your life yet and ik that there is a person which is made to be with you. Just wait for a while.
Ik it must be hard but you’re trying…and its a blessing.
Just have some faith and confidence. Ik you can pull this of.


Hmmm, u’ll find a partner… there are gay people out there… maybe u’ll never marry because our law… Yaar choro… laws ki toh baat hi mat karo… dude dont be disheartened… cheer up … its not the end


Hey listen.
The thing you said, l wish you had this life,Be in the present.Dont waste your life on the idea that you could do something but you don’t only because of people.They simply don’t give a fuck and if they do only because they are jobless.
I don’t know your family conditions and friends but if they love they will accept as you are and maybe they will take time but they will.


Why cant u have that life if your gay theres guys out there for you just dnt hide push yourself to be you fuck everyone else