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Hey how are you all guys doing!! Hope fully good ,
I have to a question like why we get connected with someone very easily ,and why do we get to know that yes this is the only thing which we need in life but we got to know that the thing is not ours ,it actually belongs to someone else and we were just a puppet for them becuause the person needs someone just to live that moment and I though the person actually likes him …
can anyone help me out in recoveriing from this feeling

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Stay away from those kind of people who treats u like a puppet…they only come to u when they need u and rest all the time they may be with someone else…dont be that emotional support or that guy or girl whoever it is…give urself some self-respect and stay away…and Go with the flow and move on…live in the present…past will only hurt u and future will give u anxiety…it’s better to live in the present moment and enjoy it…

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