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Hey ,
Here is the thing before I broke up with my bf I gave him money which I said to him you don’t need to return it back to me .But when we broke up he tried to return the money to me but I refused because i did not spend much when we were together ,I want to pay my half so I did not take it back and most importantly I told him already that I won’t ask for money even if we broke up .
But my bestie did not agree with me his thinking was like how can you not take back the money it was yours to begin with and it feels like you are buying love by paying him .And I did not feel good about that.He said it feels like you are buying your love by paying and escaping from guilt but that is not my intention at all.plz tell me was I wrong for paying my share so that in future I won’t repeat the same mistake ?

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No I don’t think you were wrong. In a sense you cut off fully from him now you won’t feel like you owe him anything. it’s your money so you can spend it however you want. I probably wouldve done the same unless we left on bad terms or I needed the money. So good job πŸ‘


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