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hey! have u ever felt unrequited love? if yes you may already know it hurts alot…at first i jst had crush on him and now he is my unrequited/ one sided love…he ignores me alot …he doesnot even read my msg and deletes the conversation …he says me “i hate u” and "no hate " to his ex girlfriend who betrayed him…i have tried my best to let him know how i feel but he doesnot understand or doesnt try to understand…he blocked me for almost 8 months but still i tried to msg him from various acc he blocked them all and now when i send him msg he doesnot block me instead he doesnot even read the msg and deletes the conversation… i want to forget him but at the same time i also dont want to…its been 1 and half year i loved him …i m too scared to get hurt and also too scared to leave him …
i jst dont know what to do…the way he ignores me is unexpectable …
any suggestion what i should do?

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Love is not something we can get by forcing them.It should come naturally.Since you have tried a lot and his attitude towards you is the same. it is clear that he is not intrested.Why go behind a person like that who does not like you back? There will be someone out there for you who will love you the same way you love them. Just wait . Never loose your self respect dear.If you go behind him over and over again it will only make him hate you more.So its better to move on.Its not the end.Its just that he was not the right person for you.


thank you very much for your respose …i will try my best🙂


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