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Hey guys, what do you think about accepting an offer for a position that is not so ambitious but for now it’s stress free, nice working hours, weekends and holidays off. I am an ambitious person and I know I can do much more but I’m in this company a month and a half so I do have time to prove myself. In the meantime, when I get off work I can do some creative stuff at home and follow my passions that spark my soul. Maybe, just maybe, in time, I could start making money out of my creative hobbies. What do you think, should I stick to this NOT so creative, corporate job for the time being?

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Hellloooo. This is a dilemma which I think a lot of us face in our lives. If you are HAPPY currently and you are getting time to do other things as well then it’s completely okay. As long as you are satisfied, it’s alllll okay. This is a decision which you have to take on yourself. Nobody can help you with this. But just remember that inner happiness is the most important. If you’ll be happy from the inside, then whatever you will do will be fulfilling and provide you with satisfaction. All the best!

Khushboo @khushboo

Hey, it’s good if your current job is stress free with flexible working hours because it’s very rare nowadays.
But since you are an ambitious and creative person, you can use your talent to earn fruitful results in life. Utilising your talent in a best manner is surely a good idea.


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