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hey guys … there’s this guy that I met in high school he was supposed to graduate last year of 2019 but I graduated on my right time 2020 but we met through mural friends the thing is he still didn’t graduate he only has 2 credits left and he keeps giving up you know The thing is I went the hella shit in my life that I can’t bear the Painess the thing it’s my first first ever relationship I ive ever had I trust him. the thing is a lot of people prayed and prayed for my downfall even my own family I have no brother or sisters it just me … I know your saying wow your lucky you don’t got siblings but it isn’t that I have a MAJOR MAJOR trust issue and I somehow trusted this man the thing is I want both of us to become successful in life so people can say “oh look she actually did that” “look at her and her husband that’s goals right there “ don’t want to be greedy but he doesn’t want to go to college but at the same time he does but in that moment he works at home care job, security jobs but get this he’s the only person who’s providing for his family and I get that I know where he’s coming from . But I want him to go to college and be successful in a way that he doesn’t have to work part times and be stressed about 9-5 jobs . I always brag about him become something useful lets both be something together but he just doesn’t have the right mindset as I do . I don’t want to sound like a mean person and say “you not successful I don’t want you “ I actually love him and I just want him to know I will still not leave him but there something that bothers me it’s how he doesn’t see his future and I want it to be same as mine …: I really don’t know how to explain . It’s actually really hard for me tell me if I’m making the right choice with him.

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If you really love him then go for it. I know you’re worried for his future, I know you want the best for him but you got to realize that his opinions matter too. If he’s happy doing those odd jobs and he’s loyal then just let it be. I know you want him to be successful but just try the other way round. Put that growth and effort and yourself, you have to try and become successful so that you can give yourself and him the best. If you really love him, let him make his own decisions, don’t rule over his life.


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