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Hey guys the names lucky … I want you guys to help me out about this situation it’s not technically a “situation” I have a friend I went to school with met her this year we were super close loved each other always made her laugh there wasn’t a day where we had a bad day . Ever since we graduated she Ive noticed I’ve been the only person who called her texted her and I asked myself why am I the only one checking up I her she never checks up on me … then I backed off to see if she ever would call or text me but no answer months passed and I just want to check up on her because I said “let me be the bigger person” I did call her she picked up but she was talking like she was getting annoyed From or seemed like she didn’t want to talk anymore . I mean no lie you can actually hear from a persons voice that they so really have any interest in you. she always told me I’m very antisocial, I don’t talk to a lot of people but when I post on IG she used to comment and show love no she doesn’t she shows it to her other friends . I just wondering what is it that I’ve done to her I actually cared for her made her my friend I could swear to you that I’ve done nothing to her but give her love and treat her they way she wanted . Can you guys tell me what I’m doing wrong or what is the problem?

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Bro, I don’t think it’s you who’s got a problem, or you did something wrong, it just happens, people changes, that’s life. She’s maybe not interested like before in talking to you or something, college life changes people, trust me I’ve been through the same. You gotta accept it because that’s the correct way to look at these kinda things, it took me months to get over it, but it’s okay, now that I’m over it, nothing makes me feel like this again, you gotta think about yourself cz you didn’t do anything wrong.


I see that you care about is the effort you put into another human being. You felt connected with her for a long time and maybe still do, but she doesn’t. You did all you could to keep it going with her but her connection with you was till the point you were in close proximity. I faced something similar, and let me tell you; you did nothing wrong. After a point it becomes a matter of self respect. What I can suggest though is that you accept your current feelings/relation with her and not put in too much effort.


I went through something similar and ended up the relationship at last bcoz its of no use u will get a better one for sure in ur life just move ahead … I know it’s really difficult to leave some person like this in between but what I can suggest is just focus on your career and your hobbies … U will tend to be busy among them and when u become satisfied like finally I achieved what I wanted then even u can show off a bit … maybe she would realise she did wrong … and then do whatever you want in case she comes back and if she doesn’t then just think that she was never yours and it’s good to not be with someone who just flaunted and was never into it … u will get a better partner once you form yourself who you want to be… 🤗


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