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Hey guys so I need your help. I have been with this girl for 3 years. She recently moved to another region for work. she said she needs a break and space since she’s overwhelmed by her new job. I have given her all the space she needs and initiated the no contact rule. But she still wants to hear from me and know what’s going on in my life even though we are still in this phase.
I am confused.

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Giving space does not necessarily mean that u have to go to extreme and initiate no contact rule right. She wants your care and support but she might not be in the state to give all her attention to you? i dont know does this make sense?


I think she simply means you talk to her and keep in touch , she might not be able to do the same from her part since she is in new region and need times to adjust. The space she meant is probably you understanding that she won’t be able to initiate convos and you don’t feel bad about it or think she’s losing interest in you.

Shachi Bhat @bshachi99

Does she tell ypu about herself? Or she only wants to know about you?

Rass @rass287

She doesn’t tell me about herself. Unless I ask

Shachi Bhat @bshachi99

That’s strange. If she wants to keep in touch and know about you genuinely out of care then she should also give hin some of her. Have you tried to find if she is involved in anyone else?


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