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Hey guys
Most of these days I feel numb. Before this so many emotions were going on in my mind.And now I stop thinking about it. Because it hurts so bad that I feel like dying.

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first and foremost, i believe that it is a must that you let these emotions out instead of keeping it in. there are many ways to let these emotions out; it may be through writing, reading, watching shows, and ever crying it out. if you aren’t ready to talk it out with someone, i suggest to do the things that i have mentioned. they usually help (:

i hope that you realize it is okay to not be okay and it is perfectly normal to feel these emotions. i hope that you will be able to let out all these negative emotions and thoughts, as well as find peace within yourself. there is no need to rush, as it really does take time to pick ourselves up and be happy again. all in good time (:


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