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Hey guys,
Lately I have been having this feeling of getting a partner cause I feel lonely and lost. Crazy thing is I always felt I never needed anyone and wanted to like a solo traveller… I am an introvert and am never used to dating anybody. I don’t why but I need someone who would be there for me, someone who would explore without any worries of their future and live fully in the present… Should I be trying to find someone like that or wait and make my family in a stable situation and live a normal life…?


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my advice is that instead of going out there trying to find a partner, try and explore friendships. Cause in my experience relationships that start off with an intention to only date (blind or tinder dates) often lead to a fast end. Be a solo traveler, go out there meet strangers online discussing over a favorite book and when the time’s right, your somebody will come in your life and you’ll get the vibe since the start that you wanna be more than friends with them. Please don’t try end up in a toxic relationship because you feel lonely rn cause that’ll end up messing you up and changing the impression of love completely.

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Find a partner and with that make your family stable.


This is the basic human need, we all need someone to take solace in.

You are normal, just don’t hurry up this process and get into a relationship with the wrong person, its gonna ruin you for a long.

have patience and take your time.
Your life will never be stable, until and unless your career is way too much fucked up, take a leap of faith and listen to your heart.