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Hey guys!!
Its been a while since i was last here because i was trying to mend an old relation with someone special but after a lot of trying and lot of fights , still we are figuring things out.
We had a fight recently, a really big one and i am confused after that so i want to ask you guys something.
Is it normal to feel disconnected after a fight like no urge to talk to that person at all. That person is reaching out and apologising but i still dont feel like talking and unbothered, disinterested. And i am feeling bad for all these feeling.

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You decide it yourself that do you want that person in your life or not? Do you think that actions are worthy for apology or not .


Its just i am not able to overcome the fight

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Okkay, got your point but whatif they are saying both the things like i am trying to improve, i will do whatever it takes or i miss you, lets talk, then what?


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