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Hey guys I’m ok but I need relationship advice if you and your boyfriend have only been together for 2 or 3 weeks can I still tell him I love him


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Most people consider that too early to say the big three words, but it ultimately depends on how you feel. It’s important for you to recognize the reason why you wanna say ily. Are you sure it’s real affection, and not an infatuation? Are you saying it because it’s what the other person wants to hear?
I feel like it’s also important to consider how the other person might react to this. Will you be okay if he doesn’t immediately say it back? Are you okay with letting him take his time saying it to you?
There’s no checklist or timetable go saying your iloveyous… It’s an emotion, a feeling. It’s also a leap of faith, because one can’t predict the outcome. If you really do love him, then take that chance, and let him know. Who knows, maybe it could make his day!
All the best to you, hope things turn out well <3

I agree with her.
Just think deep down is this really you want? And if yes, then go ahead. But, don’t expect the same at that time only but let him take his own time to say it back.


If you feel it say it.