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A! @ordinaryhuman

Hey guys I’m back with another stress issue again with my parents
I’m just tired of this daily drama

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Hey A!, Family can be so hard… We love them we get angry at them, but remember that their actions and words truly do not have anything to do with you or anyone other than themselves. They do and say things based on how they are thinking and the thoughts that they feed in their heads. We though do the same and if we can change how we look at a situation the reality of that situation will change as well. I choose to love the soul of everyone and when I realize that they are not actually this body we see, but a spirit with which I am also connected. I can then choose to love the real them regardless of their actions. This is easier said than done it might take some time, but it really works over time if you keep catching thoughts that don’t bring you peace or happiness and switching them with ones that do bring you peace and happiness your whole world will become easier and more enjoyable. With Love a Friend.


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