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Hey guys, I wanted to say that I’m unhappy in my relationship. There was been trouble since over two weeks, my boyfriend is being very different. He feels he doesn’t want to be consumed by this relationship and be bound to it and earlier used to feel that he doesn’t have the freedom of disagreeing with me. But of course he can disagree and say things but now things aren’t working out. He texts me less very less, he calls me less. He doesn’t say love you often. I don’t feel cared for or loved. I want him back. He doesn’t call me by the nickname he kept and I feel very distant with him. I have been crying a lot and very upset about this. He told me that he doesn’t want to talk that often but I want to. I told him that it’s no rule but we can talk a lil bit throughout the day. I don’t know when will things be alright. I love him and I’m very hurt. I just wish for us to feel togetherness and loved. I don’t want to leave him but it’s so upsetting. I don’t know what to do.

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Bani Singh @banisinghvasir

Hi Beautiful,
This is what I tell all of my closest friends, and If I knew you personally, I’d say the same thing to you: The fact that you know you’re unhappy in this relationship means that you already have your solution. First up, since you’re saying that the change in his behaviour is recent, then maybe some events may occurred which might’ve caused him to think/act differently. Maybe you can ask him if everything is okay, or if something’s happened recently which is affecting his mood. But even after that if he isn’t treating you right, then it’s not okay and it is not acceptable to tolerate the way he’s behaving. Don’t chase him in the hopes that he will agree one day and that his behaviour might change. You shouldn’t have to convince people to stay. I know this is hard for you, but trust me, there are better men out there who will appreciate you for who you are and value everything you do for them. This is going to take some time to get over, but if you firmly make up your mind that you don’t want to feel hurt again, then you’ll surely get over this. Just enjoy every bit of life and try to take him out of your mind. And throughout this journey, if you ever feel weak, if you ever feel like you’re falling back into the same pattern with him, don’t hesitate to come up here and share. I hope I can, along with our community here, give you the strength you need to go through with this. Think about all the people in this world who love you, who don’t want to see you getting upset or hurt. Think about your closest friend or sister in the same situation as this and think about what you would’ve wanted her to do, and then apply that to your situation. Stay strong and don’t settle for a compromise. Sending you my love and the warmest hugs.

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Drishti Gupta @drishtigupt...

Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone in this! There are times when each and every one us go through something like this in our lives. We all let someone, be it a friend, boyfriend, classmate etc treat us in a particular way, when we know that we deserve better. I would just advice you that try it out one last time, tell him how you feel and if he values you enough, he will change his behaviour patterns. If not, then that’s your sign to move ahead and do better :) Promise yourself to not accept less than what you deserve :)

Maulika @maulika

I agree with Bani and Dhrishti

No one 111 @jarul

Hey your boyfriend is a massive dick. Dump him

Kashika @kashika

I’m so sad. The exact same thing happened with me and I thought it was just me. Never continue with a relationship that consumes your mental peace. That’s more important that being afraid of leaving.


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