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Hey guys,
I sometimes feel so alone, even though I’ve my family and boyfriend too!! I always feel like he will somewhen loose interest in me and would leave me or ditch me, though he’s a good guy , i still have this feeling that he don’t care! It’s not like he never showed like he cared , he have but I don’t know why I have these feelings!! It’s somewhat affecting my relationship, what can I do to suppress this feeling?


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U are scared of losing him I think , tell him that he probably feels same

So it’s just you who need to share the same with your boyfriend since you already said he is a good guy itna understanding he must have to understand your concern to make you feel more secured and less worrisome plus you also have to put efforts by being clear and communicate with him . sometimes na communication saves the relationship and calms down the butterflies of uncertainty :)


I haven’t met my girlfriend yet we are in this long distance …I really get you that sometimes we have misunderstanding and we are not able to connect and we miss them the whole time … Only thing is to understand each other and communicate as much as you can … tell what happened to you today have a movie night go on video call try all this