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Hey guys i never shared anything in my life this is for the first time basically idk how to deal with it or how to categorize my problem so basically my mom and dad is getting divorce and evryday for last three months they have been telling shit about each other to me and second my dad is forcing or playing mental games with me for choosing a carrer or stream you could say i could never do and he keeps on pushing evrything on me I’ve cried shouted faut i did everything nothing came to use all this i have been dealing for last 1 year and recently the only person who used to make me happy my girlfriend she cheated on me after 4 years now i am just alone no feelings left i start crying out of nowhere
I am thinking of ending everything but i don’t want to but i cant deal with this too so just not able to gather courage i just want help i want someone to understand me


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Your parents divorce itself is saying how important it is to have healthy relations to have better life. And some endings lead us to new beginnings. 🙌

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Heer Oberoi @glooms

I can understand whatever you’re going through is kinda suffocating and tough because no gives a d.a.m.n about you but the thing here is that they also make you feel that you should also degrade yourself but tbh if you dgaf about yourself no one will… So start to do stuff that makes you happy cause it’s you that’s gonna take the full time responsibility for your own happiness… you can’t give someone that burden. It is what it is, so make yourself comfortable in your skin start reading, singing, eating what you love, watch movies and enjoy the solitude💗


See we all have our demons to fight and i tried to fought them if you read it youll know that i tried to fight for my self but now i have no one inmy life and when you get hurdels amd hurdels one after another in your life you get so deepresive you can’t even sleep you know its been 1 month since I’ve eaten anything home cooked or my mom cooked and we all stay in a same household if you like in such a toxic nature youllfound out its easy to say that you can do this you can do that but i have no one to motivate mebe there for me when i need someone still i am alone at last sorry if isaid anything rude or hurted or said anything offended

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Heer Oberoi @glooms

Look bruh I come from a very similar situation, there are ups and downs and there are times when everyone leaves you to find your own happiness, if you can’t make efforts to make yourself happy and get back on track then tbh you’re gonna waste alot of time, I wasted a year in this depressive shi. Hole and believe me that I regret the time wasted, hope you get a better life…


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