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Lameunicorn @theprecious

Hey guys, I m kinda new to this idk how to start, ok so i m a very extrovert and friendly soul and have a lot of friends but some weird thing is happening to me i am feeling lonely strange and lost even when I m with my friends,I feel as I if I m not getting the same amount of love and affection I give to my people you know when you just don’t get appreciated for being good it sucks it feels like why am I always so good why people just use me and my emotions. I feel heavy and burdened now a days i feels so strange as it have never happened to me i can’t pay attention on my studies I m always lost
I m literally freaking out about what’s happening to me .

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Just send some time with yourself
Maybe you need yourself now not others and maybe their is something you are not seeing and your body is giving you hint about it s understand what is happening
Start writing journal write why you suddenly feel like that just find it by yourself

Lameunicorn @theprecious

That’s a really good advise I will pen down my thoughts may be it will help me to get over this


It will trust me just focus on yourself you need you more than others


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