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Hey guys! 🌻
I know Valentine’s week have been beautiful for some but also not so good for some of us. On one hand, it was holding hands and making promises and on the other ending up of relationships resulting in heartbreaks.

Heartbreaks are terrible and is so tough, no matter what people tell you to do or empathise, pain and suffering is so personal.
Nonetheless, every experience of ours teaches us something. Isn’t it?
So, it’s especially for all those people who been through heartbreaks or similar experiences (or even otherwise), What is the one thing that these difficult times have taught you or made you realise??! Or something that has helped you holding up in these difficult times

Let’s talk?!🌻🌻🌼

Post anonymously?

Hi, hope you’re doing great and thanks for asking people to share their views 💖🤗

~ so i learnt after getting ttung into many realtuonships that not to expect love from others when you are not in a position to love, care, respect yourself, make you as your own priority. If you can’t love yourself how can you give love to others.

What i think is:
~ Self love makes you more to love others.

~Respectjng each other is mandatory. In relationship if you cant respect each other then it doesn’t last long.

~ Be thankful for each other is important.

Lots of love 💝💕🥰🤗🤗


I just completely agree with you about self-love.