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Hey guys, i know this is kind of stupid question, and i know the answer already, but i would like to hear it from someone,

My gf is keeping threatening me to leave me or cheat on me on every single small fight,

Beside she aksed more than once and there was no fight, likke a kind of joking “what would you do if i cheated on you”.

After that she says she just loves teasing me and she won’t do that.

Plz guide me people.

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Elaborate on those fights bro. Seems like you’re only telling half the story. As most people do. But maybe think about do you control her? So you do toxic things that she has no choice but to give you ultimatums.
Don’t try to be a victim unless you’ve actually seen your own actions and how they affect others. I am not saying this isnt toxic. But make sure you’ve checked that you aren’t triggering her or pressuring her about things she won’t allow and /or she is doing that. Whichever the case. So you know this doesn’t happen to you next time as well.
All the best, be wise and be kind to both yourself and her if you realise you’ve been hard on her.
We are all toxic I think I this country because of the patriarchal society and full of narcisisim and false idealistic beliefs. We must all learn who we are and why we do what we do. It’s for everyone, not just you buddy. We are all in the same boat. But some people are beyond help or the want to change. So that’s what you need to see, if she’s human or she’s a fkn master manipulator.
Be wise mahn!
Best wishes to you

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I love her so much,
But i don’t think i will be able to stay,
She keeps telling me “me or your Facebook password”
Also “me or your friends (i have no female friends btw)”

She keeps keep this choosing.
And btw she doesn’t allow to be treated the same.

Also i always tell her about this cheating thing that it bothers me.

She made me totally feel weak and
Feel I am nothing to her.

Idk really what to do.


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