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3am ThoughtsThought

Secret Person @alex__

Hey, Guys i just installed this app right now…i don’t know the concept or anything…i was just bored…so how can i find ppl or talk to ppl…

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Siddharth Jain @sid123

Lol.,… same this bro…

Secret Person @alex__


Gracious @grace08

Wow what a coincidence or is it like when you download for the same reason and then the app starts showing the same post and reasons others have downloaded too!?

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Santosh @sr12

Tha main motto of this app is to vent our feelings out and get better with our mental health. The mental space to be precise.
However, beware of some creeps trying to misuse this platform.
(However, creeps are common everywhere; especially when the platform is getting popular and growing)
You can go to your homepage to find posts and people.
Also, feel free to introduce yourselves in the group section. (The middle icon in the home page)

Secret Person @alex__

Thanks bro


See the pinned post in your feed

klapni mahila @f1


Secret Person @alex__


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