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Hey guys, I haven’t been on now and me for a while because I have been feeling a lot happier. I love soccer and I recently because an assistant coach for the little kids, in terms of school the friends I mentioned in my last post are history. 2 girls in our class had a fight and one joined our group, I felt left out as me and her didn’t get along so I went to the other girl who now had no friends, we became friends and I went over to her house where she posted a photos of us on snap chat and my best friend in my group saw it, she didn’t get along with my new friend and said if I was friends with her the we couldn’t be friends anymore, I left because I realised that was a toxic relationship. I was sad for a while, I cried so much but then I found new friends and began to feel free, like I was trapped before and now I could be who I wanted. I now feel so much better and am glad I left :)

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Its like I ready a whole teen episode in 7-8 lines. but I’m glad you are in a better place


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