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idkwhothisis123 @claudialister

hey guys, i have been exercising everyday and trying to keep healthy. literally just today, quite a few spots have come up on my cheeks. i am a bit self conscious of them tbh. does anyone have any good recommendations of good skin care products? much appreciated!! hope y’all all ok, please message me with anything 😊😜

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Hey Claudiaaa! Hope you’re doing well. My brother tried a coffee, oats and honey mask on his skin (has dry skin) and that helped. Other than that, putting mashed papaya also really makes your skin glow!!!

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister


heyyy!! wow thank you so much πŸ˜€πŸ˜€


hey ! the best and easiest remedy is water ! just keep drinking as much water as you can. i personally have been drinking about 6-7 litres per day for about 2 years now and havent got a single pimple since then. you can start from about 2-3 litres and day ! yes you would have to go the bathroom but youre anyways at home and the end result with all that glow is just worth it ! hope it works !

idkwhothisis123 @claudialister


we have just found out that theyre not spots, i have had a severe allergic reaction to a new face cream. all i have put on my face today is sudacream. but i defo need to drink more water, thank you!!


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