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Hey guys! How are you? I have been feeling a bit pressured from work the past couple days, but I’m doing alright - I think. I have been trying to learn how to unwind, and stop focusing on work problems, but I had been having a hard time. Any suggestions?

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You are strong just believe in yourself and love yourself more than anyone else in this world 🌍


Must say that you have put across ur feelings so well.
Workload generally causes burden n pressure…
But taking stress or tension only aggravates the problem
It doesnot solve anything…

For unwinding
1.Try to find out what gives u happiness n peace n try doing that.
2.Take proper breaks from work
N during break
Donot think about work
3.Have healthy meals.
4.sleep well n sleep adequately …
5.Follow some creative pursuits
6.Go on morning or evening strolls.
7.try yoga
8.try meditation or chanting…
9.Follow some hobbies…
10.Try to listen to soothing music
11.Go out in open air…

Always remind urself daily
That you are too good at your work
N u will do it…
So u dnt need to wry
Just casually do work.
Always remember u can do work efficently only if you are both physically n mentally fit …

So pamper urself
Look after yourself
Take care of self.
Good luck.
God bless you.


❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much!


there are calming songs by Peia and inspiring songs by 2 Steps From Hell that help relax or prepare me. It’s like some of the 2 steps songs revive my soul. Try to just have a bath. Read. Binge a TV show. Or colour in, I do that and it genuinely helps me calm down. Try to put aside an hour or 2 each day to stretch, go outside, read, even just lay in the sun and watch the clouds, or at night watch the moon and stars. Try writing a little bit each day. I hope this helps you somehow!! Good luck with being calm, I’m yet to discover peace

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Turtle @turtle09

Hey! I am doing well enough. It is good to know that you are trying to focus on finding a solution instead of worrying too much or getting caught up. You can start by separating your work life and personal life. When you are home try to be present with family or doing something to relieve the stress( whatever works for you ). During the work time, make sure you take small breaks and stretch a bit if possible after being productive for a fixed time. All the best.


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